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For the Gothic Heroine

Oct 13, 2019

From old gods that demand human sacrifices to haunted villages with even more haunted villagers, it's time to examine horror movies based around folklore- the folk horror revival.  This episode contains religious debate, fairy tales, and the archetypal female coming of age story.

Ambiant music is by Kevin Macleod. ...

Jul 9, 2019

What makes a horror movie bad- so bad it's good, or so bad it's unwatchable?  In this episode, we'll be taking a look at when and how horror doesn't work.

Recommended Media:

Films (Good):

The Most Dangerous Game

The Thing




The Haunting

The Babadook

Get Out

Films (Bad):

High School...

Jun 10, 2019

In part B of the Frankenstein series, we'll talk about how film and literary adaptations have portrayed the infamous Monster- often as seen through the eyes of his Bride.

Ambiant music is by cinematicwaves.  Audio clips used were from Rocky Horror Studio Cast, The Bride of Frankenstein, the trailer for The Bride, and...

Mar 5, 2019

It's time to finally talk about Frankenstein!  In part A, we'll look at how the Doctor has shifted throughout adaptations, and how each version has revealed a new aspect of what it means to play god.

Error correction: I repeatedly call Sting's character Carl Frankenstein.  It's Charles Frankenstein.  I don't know why I...

Feb 20, 2019

Ravenloft is perhaps the most famous and influential gothic roleplaying game, but it's not the only one out there!  Join us and discover the strange and unusual world of gothic horror tabletop rpgs.

Recommended Media:

Roleplaying Games:


Vampire: The Dark Ages

Bluebeard’s Bride

A Ghastly Affair

Krevborna: A...